2010 Jam for Haiti


I can help collect money at the event (arriving in the cafe right after school): $5 entrance fee
Add your name here!
David Pearl

I can help to sell drinks and baked goods (arriving in the cafe right after school):
Add your name here!
David Waxman
Caroline MacLeod-I can help out after 3

I can help clean up after 4:00:
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Amy Sanders - I can help until 4:30
Caroline MacLeod
Gaby Bardfield
Danielle Torres
Ali Totta

I am baking something to sell at the event:
(Baked goods can be dropped off in Ms. Sanders' office (509) - near Mr. Halsted's room - that morning)
Amy Sanders - choc. chip oatmeal cookies
David Pearl- cookies
Ali Totta-peanut butter chocolate bars
Gaby Bardfield - Cupcakes
Sarah Becker- banana bread
Danielle Torres- TBD